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In the car (short)

"So. Incest is just sick, huh?"

Dean didn't look away from the road as he responded. "Hell, yeah."

Sam nodded, eyes still focused on the book in his lap. "Was 'sick' what you were thinking when you were in bed with 'the double-mint twins'?"

Dean shot a look at Sam's profile. "What? Of course not." He glanced back at the road.

"Bit of a double standard there."

Dean frowned.

"Twins having sex together? That would be incest," Sam elaborated.

Dean tried to laugh it off. "Is this your way of saying you find my manliness irresistable, Sammy?"

Sam did not join Dean's chuckle, instead turning his head toward his brother. "No, this is my way of saying you're a dick, if you think incest is only sick when it doesn't turn you on."
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Not Bluffing.

*dons armor*

In discussing how the characters take over the fic with my dear roomie, butterfly, I realized Not Bluffing is kind of -- not going anywhere. This is because Mulder is actually bored with Krycek. Meh.

So, now I have to wrap it up tight, turn the karaoke bar scene into an interlude, and write the alien scout migraine arc as a sequel story rather than a continuation of this one.

Anybody want to help me figure out the best way to do this?
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NB6 - Thinking in the sun

Okay, so this feels like a rather pathetic offering.  Trouble is, I'm reading a ridiculous quantity of fic with characters who are not psychotic, and it's making it hard to stay in Mulder's head. *sigh*  Maybe someone should rec me some good crack.  XF or HL will do....  Those are, after all, my "seriously jacked up fandoms."

So, uh, sorry.

"Your self-image just got a little disrupted.  I'm not sure where you got that crap that was floating in your head, but you just now realized it might not be true.  It won't go away immediately, but you can remind yourself whenever you start thinking of yourself that way what you really are: My precious pet."

He nodded and snuffled.  "Yes, Master."

I stroked his hair and held him.

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