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NB5 - long time five dolla' - The Corner of my Alternate Universe

About NB5 - long time five dolla'

Previous Entry NB5 - long time five dolla' Jun. 11th, 2005 @ 11:37 am Next Entry

The good news is: Sex!
The bad news is: In spite of being over 2800 words, the scene is NOT COMPLETE.  And what's worse, I'm going on vacation and will not be able to post any more for at least a week.  I'm going to miss my computer (and you guys!)  I will keep writing, though.

There's a squick-jump for those who don't want to read the approximately five sentences of oral-anal contact.

I toyed with his ear, pulling the lobe into my mouth and tracing the whorls of the shell with my tongue.  I nuzzled into the skin under the corner of his jaw.  He lifted and tilted, holding his breath hopefully.

I didn't bite him.  It would be better saved until later.

Instead, I rose onto my elbow and tangled the fingers of that hand in the hair on the back of his skull.  I turned his head and began nibbling his other ear.  My hand on his chest moved down to his waist so I could lean over him.

The motion of my hand caressing his waist tugged his shirt open wider, pulling the cloth slowly out of his waistband as I stroked more and more skin.  He pulled his belly in to let the fabric move out more easily.  I slid my fingers into the sapce under his waistband, and Krycek's hand clutched at my back.  I curled my hand around his hip and kneaded it.

Krycek's responses grew with my ceaseless attentions to his neck and jaw.  When I moved within reach of his mouth, he moaned and opened in welcome.  I took advantage of the offer, plundering his mouth and moving my hand up and down his side, making sure no place was ignored.  I paused in the most sensitive areas, lingering the longest at his nipple to pinch and tug at it.

Krycek arched and moaned in response.  His hips rose off the bed.

I swung a leg over and straddled him.  He was hard under his jeans, pressing up against me.  His eyes found mine, wide with fear and dilated with arousal.  I kissed him more gently until he got used to having me above him.  His hand was a little shaky on my side.  I soothed him, murmuring between kisses and petting him.  When his tension eased, I moved down to his neck and shoulders.  The bruises above his collarbones were fading.  I licked over them and nibbled the muscle rising to his neck.

Krycek made a noise of pleasure and want.  I released his head and put both hands on his chest.  Careful not to pull the skin, I massaged the remaining tightness out of his muscles, enjoying the smoothness of his skin over the softening muscle.  I lifted my mouth to get better leverage in the massage.  Meeting his eyes, I saw the fear dimming.

I massaged his arms and hands as well as I could with the cast and shirtsleeves in the way, then scooted back a couple inches.  Eyes on Krycek's face, I leaned down and sucked one peaked nipple into my mouth.

He reacted with fervor, whining high in his throat and hands coming up reflexively to flutter on my shoulders.  I switched sides and listened to him gasp.  His hips rocked instinctively.  I stroked his sides, pushing his shirt even further open and pulling the front tails completely out of his jeans.  He barely notices the increased exposure.

I used my tongue to flick at other sensitive places I had memorized.  I nibbled with my lips and scraped gently with my teeth.  He squirmed and writhed under me as I covered his chest and abdomen with sensation.

Whimpering, he tugged at his shirt.  I sat up and helped him get it off then pulled my own over my head.  I leaned back down and kissed him, our bare chests pressed together until I again moved downward to tease his chest with my lips, tongue, and teeth.  His rib cage rose and fell with his gasping breaths.

Krycek's hands found my thighs, clutching and kneading them unconsciously.

I licked a stripe up his sternum.  Catching his gaze and holding it, I slowly opened his fly.  His breath shortened in mixed anxiety and anticipation, but he lifted his hips helpfully as I worked the fabric down.  I gripped his exposed cock, hard and straight where it lay against his underbelly.  His eyes fluttered closed with pleasure as I stroked him.

I scooted farther down and licked his cock once to shock him before I stood.  His eyes were wide with lingering surprise as he watched me open my jeans and let them fall to the floor.  My shorts followed, and I stepped out of them.  Naked, I took hold of Krycek's pants-cuffs and pulled them off him.  His shorts caught on his knees, so I pulled them off next.

Kneeling on the edge of the bed, I massaged his feet and slowly worked up his ankles and calves.  Krycek's hands were restless; he was uncertain what to do with them.  As I reached his knees, I took his wrist and laid his left hand on his cock.

"Just hold it," I said.

Krycek nodded acknowledgement.

I pushed his knees apart and knelt between them, my cock swaying as I moved.  I stroked myself once before I put my hands back on his legs to begin kneading his thighs.  I rubbed my thumbs up the tender insides of his thighs, gentling my touch to almost tickle.

Krycek whimpered and pressed inward with his thighs.  I caught him squeezing his cock as well and put my hand on his.  He whimpered with despair.

I shushed him quietly.  "Do you want me to stop?"  I brushed my fingertips over the head of his cock before he could answer.

His hips bucked at the sensation.

"I'll take that as a no," I said.  "So just, just, hold it."

"Yes, sir," he whispered.

"Good pet," I said quietly.

I scooted back and twisted so I could put my mouth on the sensitive inner part of his knee.

Krycek moaned, letting his knees fall farther apart as I put slight pressure on them.  I pushed them wider as I nibbled my way up his thigh.  Just before my cheek would brush his scrotum, I switched to his other leg and did the same.  My hands roamed his legs as I went, soothing and stimulating.  When I approached the juncture of his legs again, I began teasing his genitals.  I traced his glans with my fingertips and lifted his balls so I could make a ring of my fingers around the very base of his cock.  The bend of my thumb rested conveniently over the ridge under his balls, and I tightened against it.

Krycek's hips rose and twisted slowly, straining into my hand.  I licked his sac, tightened and shiny by the way I held him.  Krycek cried out and lifted his hand to avoid stroking himself.  He whimpered desperately.

I laved the taut flesh, squeezing tight around the base of his cock, until his moans  broke only for breath.  Lifting my head for a moment, I pushed his knee into the air and let his foot brace on the bed.  I tapped his other knee, and Krycek moved it himself.

"Good," I praised, and I licked the spongy ridge of his perineum.  Krycek whimpered and opened himself wider.  I licked extensively to the accompaniment of his moans and whimpers, nibbling at especially sensitive spots, until he area glistened with my saliva.

"Grab your knees," I said.

He had to lift his feet to comply, and the position rolled his ass up from the bed enough to expose his tempting hole.

(Clicky if squicky)

I licked it.

Krycek cried out and lost his grip.  He immediately got it back again, pulling his knees closer to his chest.

I teased the soft him of the tight hole with my tongue then breached the sphincter with pointed tip.  Krycek whimpered and began chanting to God.

I moved slightly away, released his cock, and covered his hole with my thumb.  I pulsed slightly and felt the muscle react reflexively while Krycek whimpered incoherent pleas.

Finding the lubricant again, I slid the pile of supplies into easy reach and slicked up my fingers.  I slid one finger into Krycek's hole, and it sank smoothly in to the last knuckle.  Krycek groaned.  His breath caught on an ecstatic gasp when I twisted a little and nudged his prostate.

He whimpered as I drew out and moaned as I slid back in with two fingers.  His hips rocked minutely.  Despite my urge to sink my cock into his tight heat, I waited, fucking him with my fingers in a steady in and out motion, nudging his prostate occasionally to feed his yearning for more.

He moaned and shook, wanting to ask for more but afraid to be seen as demanding.  I caressed the inside of his thigh with the hand not busy with his ass, then reached up to tweak his nipple at the same time as I curled my fingers inside him.

Krycek cried out and started begging, helpless to avoid it, which was just how I wanted him.

His grip on his legs started slipping, and he struggled to improve it.  I took one foot and rested it on my shoulder to ease the strain on him.  He sighed and wiggled his hips to get comfortable in the new position, then began rocking to meet my fingers.

I stroked the insides of his tight chamber, teasing him by coming close but avoiding the most sensitive bulge of his prostate while he pleaded for me to stop teasing.  His tone was plaintive and needy.  I lifted his ankle to my mouth and kissed it, sucking on the sensitive hollow below the bone so that his twisted and whimpered.

I went back to sliding in and out with deeper and longer strokes, until I pulled almost entirely out.  On the next stroke, I slid three fingers in.

Krycek cried out, letting his foot fall to the bed so he could brace himself to buck up.

I pulled my hand back out.

Krycek whimpered at the loss and dragged his knee back into reach.

"I'm sorry, Master.  Please don't stop," he said plaintively.

I slid my fingers in far enough to stretch him but not reach the place he wanted me most.

Krycek whimpered.

"Is there something you want to ask for, pet?"

"Please keep going, Master."

"Is there something else you'd like to ask for?"  I bumped his foot meaningfully with my elbow.

Comprehension dawned.  "May I put my foot down, Master?"

"Yes, pet."

He released his leg with relief, and I slowly twisted my slick fingers deeper inside him.  Krycek arched up onto my fingers, rolling his hips in response to the stimulation.

I let him keep going, sometimes helping and sometimes hindering his quest to set off the sparks that fired when he managed to impact his prostate on my fingers.  He was growing desperate, clenching his fists in the blankets.

I opened the foil-coin package containing a condom with one hand and rolled it on myself.  Krycek didn't notice, distracted by my casual teasing of his ass.  Preparations done, I turned my full attention back to the man lying before me, hips twisting and gyrating as the rest of him strained with need.  I nudged his raised leg and let it fall off my shoulder.  The change took Krycek by surprise and changed the cant of his hips.  he looked at my face, biting his lip as I pulled my fingers free and wiped them on a hand towel.

Watching Krycek's face, I spread his thighs open like butterfly wings and caressed the soft inner skin until the fear that had arisen receded into tension.

"Are you very flexible, pet?" I asked.  He looked puzzled.

I lifted both his feet to my shoulders, knelt up, and leaned forward.  "Say when you feel a stretch," I ordered.

I was forward enough to get a gravity assist, but not enough to kiss him, when he indicated he was at the limit of comfort.  I pulled his knees apart and easily reached his mouth with mine.  Perfect.

Putting his legs down, I slicked some additional lubricant onto the condom.  Apprehension seized Krycek.

"Is this going to hurt?" he blurted.

"Not hardly at all," I said.  "You haven't done anything to deserve pain.  It will be strange at first, but you're ready for this."  Self-Fulfilling-Prophecies-R-Us.

He relaxed a little, then a little more as I touched him soothingly.  I stroked his legs for a little bit then reached under him to probe for his hole.  I teased the sensitive opening with tiny tugs until Krycek was whimpering for more.  I hoisted his legs to my shoulders.  Krycek gritted his teeth, but I only slid fingers into him -- two of them.

"You're resisting me, pet," I said quietly.  "Do you feel how this is different from before?  You're tense, instead of yielding."

"I'm sorry, Master."

"Bear down like you're pushing me out," I said.

He obeyed with a conflicted flutter of muscles, and my fingers turned easily in place.  "Better, isn't it?" I said.

He nodded and said, "It's weird."

I twisted my fingers and rubbed his prostate until he shivered on the edge of climax.  I kept him there, his every muscle taut as I leaned forward, folding him at the hips, and lined myself up.

 I stopped moving my fingers for a moment and let him cool down briefly before I drew out my fingers and guided my cock to him.  the tip of my cock nestled into the dip of his asshole, and I pressed my hips forward.

Krycek whimpered at the mild stretch.

"Breathe, pet," I whispered.  "Bear down."

He did, and I sled easily past the ring of muscle at the entrance.  I stopped with only my glans beyond the sphincter.  Krycek shivered, goosebumps rising on his arms.

I took one leg from my shoulder and wrapped it around my waist.  Leaning farther, I started licking his mouth as it hung slightly open.  He was dazed.

"Alex, my pet," I said.  "Open.  yield to me."

Slowly, his attention engaged at his mouth, slack beneath mine.  His lips twitched and started to move.  I focused on kissing him, bracing myself on one arm so I could caress him soothingly.

"Good," I murmured against his lips.  "You're doing fine."  I ignored the throbbing urge resonating in my groin -- the physical demand to become entirely encased in Krycek's tight heat.  Holding myself barely inside him made my body scream to surge one way or the other.

But I wanted Krycek fully engaged in this act.  I drew back a few inches.  "Look at me," I whispered.

Krycek blinked several times, gradually focusing on my face.  I smiled approvingly.  "Good, pet."  I put my lips on his and kissed him gently until he responded.  I plundered his mouth and enlarged my pillaged territory to include his jaw and ears.  He whimpered, adapted enough to my intrusion into his body to respond to other stimuli.

I flicked my thumb over his nipple, and his body shuddered -- first in reaction to that, and then in reaction to how it felt to move with me inside him.  He gasped.  I did it again, and again, sucking gently on his earlobe until he squirmed and moaned continuously.

I pressed my cock into him as he writhed, letting his own motion work his body open around me.  Krycek whimpered, part fear, mostly lust.  I reached across his chest to twist and pull his other nipple as I bet gently into his trapezius.  He cried out, hips rocking, as I sank fully in.

I held him mostly still while I basked in him -- teeth and cock both deep in his flesh while he moaned and twitched.  His ass pulsed arhythmically around my cock.  I shifted position slightly so I pressed more directly against his prostate, and he stopped breathing.  We fit together so that my cock always put pressure on the center of his pleasure, but subtle shifts could make it more or less pronounce, keeping it variable and under my control.  I slid out a few millimeters and back in, and he threw his head back with a guttural moan.

I relaxed my jaw and licked the indentations in his flesh.  Krycek turned his head to expose more of his vulnerable throat.  I nuzzled into it.

Pulling my pelvis back, I lifted myself out of him several inches then let gravity pull me back in as I aimed across his prostate.  Krycek's head twisted in the beginnings of a thrashing motion, and he groaned with the pleasure thrumming through him.  I lifted my head to watch him as I did it again.  Krycek whined high in his throat and groped for something to clutch.  Another slow thrust drew a cry from him as he found and fisted the pillows.

His mouth was open and gasping, and his nipples were tighter than the spring on a rat-trap.  His eyes hung half closed as his head rolled from side to side, not even knowing what he was looking for.

I took one stony nipple into mouth and bit it slowly.  Krycek made a tentative thrust of his hips and whimpered.  I moved slightly to encourage him to do it again.  He did, thrashing his head and moaning.

I made a fist in his hair, sealed my mouth over his, drew back and thrust down into him.

Krycek screamed into my mouth.

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Date:June 11th, 2005 09:36 pm (UTC)
Sex with all capital letters too. Hot, wonderful, all guns firing sex scene. Great great job.
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Date:June 12th, 2005 11:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I hope the rest of it lives up to the promise.
[User Picture Icon]
Date:June 11th, 2005 09:58 pm (UTC)
Woo hoo that was HOT!!!

Have a lovely vacation.

I'll be leaving for the summer on June 24th. I've printed out all of Not Bluffing you've posted so far and I hope I might get another part to print out before I leave. I may get the odd minute to read any posted during the summer, but not more. ::sigh::

Thanks for writing! =>}
[User Picture Icon]
Date:June 12th, 2005 11:48 pm (UTC)
It's looking like I'll be able to mail the entire NB5 chapter to you before then.

Thank you for following along!
[User Picture Icon]
Date:June 13th, 2005 12:55 am (UTC)
Thank YOU for writing such a hot story that I WANT to follow along!

I am VERY happy I'll have the whole story to take with me! Cool! Very cool!
Date:June 11th, 2005 10:16 pm (UTC)
Oh my GOD.


What a place to leave off! LOL!

That was...wow. HOT HOT HOT. Incredible. Just the perfect first time. Krycek and I are both keenly interested in what will happen next *wink* but we'll just have to wait. Hope you have a terrific vacation!
[User Picture Icon]
Date:June 12th, 2005 11:49 pm (UTC)
I know! I hated that break-point too!

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