just in case (jic) wrote in jic_fic,
just in case

SPN/BtVS, by request

The sun was coloring the skyline above the hill, lightening the darkness but not quite dawn.  Dean and Sam crested the ridge to the sound of hand-to-hand.  Dean ejected the clip on his handgun while Sam fumbled for the clip that held bullets dipped in a dead man's blood, struggling to keep hold of the machete at the same time.  Running clumsily down the steep, loose ground, they watched a young, dark-haired woman hold her own against three vampires.

With a flourish, Faith stabbed the vampire in the heart with a pointed stick.  It fell, but it didn't scatter into ashes.  Shocked, she didn't notice the second vampire until it had grabbed her from behind.  With a sharp elbow driven into its stomach, she wrenched herself free and followed up with several well-placed strikes that put the vampire on the ground.

The third vampire approached with a roar, and a man's voice yelled for her to get down as she heard a clip snap into place and the action slide on a heavy handgun.  She dodged instead, and watched the last vampire fall to its knees with a hole between its eyebrows.  It swayed and tried to stand, but stumbled as if drunk.  Two more shots put the other vampires in similar condition.

Efficiently, Sam lopped the head off the vampire that Dean had shot, then tossed the machete to Dean so he could do the same to the vampires Faith had bested.

"Hi.  I'm Dean; this is my brother Sam," Dean said, wasting no time introducing himself to the strong, pretty girl.

"Faith," she replied.

"Dean, doesn't she...." Sam said softly.

"You were doing pretty good there," Dean complimented, "but vampires aren't as easy to kill as they make it on TV."

"Trust me, if there's anyone who knows about killing vampires, it's me," Faith said.  "What were these?"

"Isn't she a lot like...." Sam tried to break into Dean's flirtation.

"Vampires.  Real ones.  Not the .... Oh, hey!  Faith?  Like on that TV show?" Dean exclaimed.  "Don't you know normal people can't do what TV characters do?"

"There's a TV show about vampires?"

"No," Sam interjected.  "About a vampire slayer.  And there's a character named Faith that looks a lot like you."

"Sucked into some sort of alternate dimension," Faith muttered, looking around carefully.  "Wait, there's a TV show about me?"  She smiled hopefully.

Dean coughed.  "Uh, no, actually.  It's about a blonde vampire slayer named Buffy."

Faith scowled.  "Well isn't that just the shit."
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