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Previous Entry In the car (short) Apr. 5th, 2009 @ 08:01 pm Next Entry
"So. Incest is just sick, huh?"

Dean didn't look away from the road as he responded. "Hell, yeah."

Sam nodded, eyes still focused on the book in his lap. "Was 'sick' what you were thinking when you were in bed with 'the double-mint twins'?"

Dean shot a look at Sam's profile. "What? Of course not." He glanced back at the road.

"Bit of a double standard there."

Dean frowned.

"Twins having sex together? That would be incest," Sam elaborated.

Dean tried to laugh it off. "Is this your way of saying you find my manliness irresistable, Sammy?"

Sam did not join Dean's chuckle, instead turning his head toward his brother. "No, this is my way of saying you're a dick, if you think incest is only sick when it doesn't turn you on."
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