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The Corner of my Alternate Universe

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NB6 *thwack* Jun. 30th, 2005 @ 11:35 am

He looked over the living room to decide the next place to start, and immediately spied the paddle on the coffee table.  He blanched and sank to his knees.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, precious.  It's something we're going to try later."  I came up to him and leaned over to kiss him.  "Don't fear.  All I want are your honest reactions.  Remember?"

He nodded.

"It will be okay."

He nodded again.

"Stand up, precious, and let's clean the house."

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NB6 - Bwahahahahaha! Okay, well, maybe not. A little introspection. Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 08:15 pm
He went off, and I collected the paddle from my dresser drawer and left it in the living room.

I helped clear the dining table but left the kitchen to Krycek while I continued cleaning and reorganizing the rest of the penthouse.


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NB5 - I suppose they've been kept hanging long enough. Jun. 20th, 2005 @ 10:53 pm

His mouth was open and gasping, and his nipples were tighter than the spring on a rat-trap.  His eyes hung half closed as his head rolled from side to side, not even knowing what he was looking for.

I took one stony nipple into mouth and bit it slowly.  Krycek made a tentative thrust of his hips and whimpered.  I moved slightly to encourage him to do it again.  He did, thrashing his head and moaning.

I made a fist in his hair, sealed my mouth over his, drew back and thrust down into him.

Krycek screamed into my mouth Read more...Collapse )

I think I shall end the part here and start NB6 with the next installment.  The next thing to write is Krycek's introspection in the kitchen, and he's really giving me hell.  It insists on being a recap instead of reaction, and that simply won't do.  *sigh*

NB5 - long time five dolla' Jun. 11th, 2005 @ 11:37 am

The good news is: Sex!
The bad news is: In spite of being over 2800 words, the scene is NOT COMPLETE.  And what's worse, I'm going on vacation and will not be able to post any more for at least a week.  I'm going to miss my computer (and you guys!)  I will keep writing, though.

There's a squick-jump for those who don't want to read the approximately five sentences of oral-anal contact.

I toyed with his ear, pulling the lobe into my mouth and tracing the whorls of the shell with my tongue.  I nuzzled into the skin under the corner of his jaw.  He lifted and tilted, holding his breath hopefully.

I didn't bite him.  It would be better saved until later.

Instead, I rose onto my elbow and tangled the fingers of that hand in the hair on the back of his skull.  I turned his head and began nibbling his other ear.  My hand on his chest moved down to his waist so I could lean over him.

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NB5 - Breakfast Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 10:44 pm

I had time to wash my hair while he removed every trace of whisker from his face.  It actually took longer than my straight razor.  I stepped out to bag his cast.  Trading places, I shaved while he let the water run over him, and then I got back in.

Gently, I washed his hair, separating the tresses with my finger until the water rinsing his hair ran clear.  With efficient yet tender motions, I washed his body.  I ended with him in my embrace, warm water cascading over both of us.

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I hear voices: : Duran Duran - The Reflex
Other entries
» NB5 - introspection. An evening, and a morning: another day

A long, long time ago....
I thrust along the slick channel and bit until I drew sweet blood.  Krycek squirmed under me, caught between lassitude, pain, renewed arousal, and confusion at that mix of feelings.  Orgasm washed over me just as he realized he was getting turned on from being bitten until he bled.

I licked the red trickles from his skin as we lay lethargically on the floor.  Most of my weight was on him, but I held myself up enough for him to breathe.  When the bleeding stopped, I stood and made him stand as well so we could go sit on the couch.  I cleaned up the semen on his back and both our bellies before we sat.  I pulled him to sit in my lap between my spread thighs, tucking him against me.  I held him in silence, letting my fingers drift over his skin.  I kissed his temple and worked down to his mouth.  He opened to me, relaxing into the comfort and familiarity of our kisses.

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» NB5 - Building shelves *nudge, wink*

"Lunch is ready."  Would I feed him or let him feed himself?  Should he kneel or sit?  Should he call me Master, sir, or Mulder when we were acting sort of normal?

I grinned at the whirlwind of his thoughts and grabbed the lube from the end table as I approached him.  Within reach of him, I slowly drizzled a thin trail of lube onto my middle finger, giving him a moment.  Almost immediately, he remembered my instruction and stretched out his upper body on the table, bending his knees to lie flat.  I nudged his feet apart, opening him to my satisfaction, and twisted my finger into his exposed hole.  I probed, rubbing his inner walls and avoiding his prostate, until he shifted restlessly and made a small noise.

I pulled out.  "Kneel on the pillow," I said, and I went to the kitchen to wash my hands.

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» NB5 - Game time

I drifted awake after a short rest.  Krycek was still awake, lying where I'd pulled him against me.  I buried my nose in his hair and inhaled deeply.  Trailing my fingers up his spine made him shiver against me.  He moved invitingly.

I smiled.  So, so very close.  Willing, but not yet wanting.  Anticipation gathered low in my groin.  I pulled him fully on top of me, arranging his legs to fall on either side of mine and shifting him up so I could put my mouth to his neck.  Holding him by the waist, I licked over his pulse point while he braced himself over me.  Still soft for now, our genitals amicably shared the space between our groins, conforming to each other until arousal started to swell and harden us.

I stroked his ribs and bit gently at his soft throat while I sought his nipples to tug and pull.  He shuddered and let his head hang next to mine.  I licked his earlobe, sucking on it until his hips began to move in unconscious thrusts.

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» NB5 - a little introspection (it took me two days to write _this_?!)

He turned to lie the length of the bed instead of across it.  I found the lidocaine where I'd left it, shook it, and sprayed his back.  It was cool on the heat of the stripes.

"Thank you," he said with deep sincerity.

I lay on my back next to him and pulled him partway onto me, tucking his shoulder under my arm.

A nap seemed in order for both of us.

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» NB5 - the weekend edition, wherein there is positive reinforcement

When I checked on him at lunch, he'd been pressed back against the headboard of the bed, curled into a fetal position and wrapped tightly in a blanket.  He was panicking.  His mind was a chaotic tumble of images that joined and overlaid the open door with the caning of the night before, and then the bright flare of muzzle-flash.  He couldn't think of anything but the door, and the imagined consequences of his inability to control his thoughts terrified him.

I told Reyes I didn't feel well -- "possibly food poisoning, don't expect me tomorrow" -- and went home.  I stripped off my coat and tie without thinking on my way to Krycek.  He returned to consciousness just as I arrived at his side.

Alex saw me and cringed in despair.  "I'm sorry, Master, I'm sorry," he whimpered.

I climbed onto the bed and pulled him into my arms without care for his injuries, turning as I gathered him up so that I sat with my back against the headboard and he sat in my lap facing to my right.  Keeping him bundled in the blanket, I made soothing noises and rocked him while he shook.  Read more...Collapse )


My old boss is coming back from maternity leave tomorrow.  I'm not sure if she's going to be my boss again or if my small team gets to stay with the interim boss.  Old boss has a credo of "Always look busy!"  For which my writing porn may or may not qualify.  Just so you know.  *crosses fingers*

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